Unlock the Storefront’s Full Potential for Fundraising Success

Diverse Product Listings

Tailor your store, sell apparel, keepsakes, branded products or any other items you want to sell.. Enter your description and a few details and your storefront is ready for action.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Keep track of quantity count, prices, and orders with a few click. Shoppers can choose to pick items up at your location or have them shipped. Shipping is already set up with ShipThrifty;  no technical expertise required.

Secure Transactions

Ensure every purchase supports your cause safely and securely, building trust with your supporters.

Shareable links

Each item listed has and automatic shareable link created. Copy & paste the links and share  on your social media channels, email or other places to amplify your reach and sell more merchandise.

Raise Funds With Every Purchase

Give your supporters an easy way to help you raise funds and fuel your mission.

Transform supporters into fundraisers with storefront excellence

Elevate your nonprofit’s impact by turning your passionate supporters into enthusiastic fundraisers with the Storefront Module, creating a seamless and engaging fundraising experience.

Your Competitive Edge in Nonprofit Fundraising

With the Storefront Module, you gain a competitive edge in nonprofit fundraising, empowering your organization to effortlessly transform casual supporters into dedicated advocates while simplifying the fundraising process for maximum impact.

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